Klassiek & Unplugged is back! After an absence of four years, and by popular demand, our “other” music night is taking place in the aula on Friday, October 7th.
Klassiek & Unplugged offers a podium to students of Laar & Berg and ISL to perform a wider variety of music styles that are different than what would normally be heard on 80dB: classical, jazz, solo instrumental, softer pop, ballads, folk, world music. The music on Klassiek & Unplugged is generally softer, more melodious, and smaller-scale than on 80dB.
To sign up to Klassiek & Unplugged, please use the link to Google Forms below:
The deadline to sign up is Monday, September 19.
If you have a question about Klassiek & Unplugged, feel free to ask one of the music teachers, or a member of the music commission. We look forward to hearing from you, and we are very excited to bring this wonderful music night back to school!